Wilcost Concreting Alterations and Repairs

Wilcost specialises in a wide range of concreting services. We also have the equipment and expertise to complete all other associated concreting work, including excavation and rubbish removal.

All work is guaranteed to be well-finished and high quality. We are BSA Approved and our client satisfaction speaks for itself!

Our wide range of services include:

Driveways and paths

We have substantial experience in driveways, paths and associated drainage for safety. All concreting work is impeccably finished as all our accredited contractors have a good eye for detail. We also specialise in hard-to-reach jobs and jobsites with poor or steep access.

Building code regulations are always at the forefront of preparation to ensure your guarantees are in tact.

We use and recommend Pumpin'Crete, Clayton Bootle; Mob: 0414 801 687. For all your hard to reach sites.

Coloured concrete

Add some colour to your property! Concrete doesn’t have to be boring white or grey, we can spice up your look with terracotta, stone or charcoal to provide a natural finish which blends into the surrounding environment. We supply a full range of coloured and textured concrete finishes to get the look you are after.

Click here to view the CCS colour palette.

Exposed aggregate work

Wilcost Concreting are the experts in exposed aggregate techniques. This specialist, decorative style of concrete is suitable for use on driveways, paths and patios. The appeal is in the finish, which exposes the textured stones and pebbles that are part of the concrete. This provides some visual interest by creating random patterns, and a variety of colours. We can also hone, polish and seal new or existing concrete.

Using exposed aggregate, coloured stencil or plain concrete, we can produce a finish to suit your look. We also do slabs for tiling and remove removal of existing concrete.

Concrete Retaining walls

Pool areas

We have worked closely with builders such as Contract Pools and are aware of the need for care with plumbing and expansion issues to protect your pool.

Spray on paving to cover existing concrete

Wilcost Concreting has a wide range of spray on finishes. These are a great option for revitalising, beautifying or refinishing existing concrete. It is an alternative to tiling and can be used on driveways or paths for a non-slip finish.

High pressure cleaning to revitalise existing concrete

Wilcost Concreting provides a complete cleaning and restoration service to prepare homes for sale or to spruce up outdoor appearances.

Colour seal/resealing to restore that original lustre

As part of our restoration service, we can reseal existing concrete structures. To update to a new colour or bring back the original richness of colour.

Shed slabs & foundations

Shed slabs, carport slabs, or concrete slaps for just about anything. Thickness of concrete and steel are taken into consideration for load bearing requirements.

Excavation work

Wilcost Concreting has the equipment and experience for all associated concreting work, including trenches, footings, retaining walls, leveling blocks, core drilling and working co-jointly with landscapers.

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